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National Vegetarian Week: 5 extremely easy veggie recipes

The 16th May marks the start of National Vegetarian Week, a whole week dedicated to scrummy veggie goodness with vegetarian recipes. Sometimes it can be daunting trying something new, especially if you’re a dedicated meat eater, but once you take the first few steps to the vegetarian way of life, we doubt you’ll look back...

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Breathwork for Anxiety

At The Glass House, we’re dedicated to helping you discover a fresh sense of mental nourishment during our Wellness Retreat. When it comes to managing anxiety, there isn’t a one size fits all method. But there are a few small actions we recommend, to help you achieve a happier, healthier and stress-free version of you: a balanced diet, mindfulness, regular exercise. Including the healing...

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Digital Detox on National Unplugging Day!

The 4th March is the ‘National Day of Unplugging’, a day when we are encouraged to ditch our smartphones and other devices in order to completely digitally detox from constant social media feeds, notifications and emails. With this in mind, The Glass House Detox and Wellness Retreat, based in the heart of the Essex countryside is challenging it’s guests and staff to ‘dare ...

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Trouble sleeping? Drinking the right tea can help

Aaah, sleep, glorious sleep. How wonderful it is to drift off to the land of nod, and to arise, refreshed and ready to face the day seven to eight hours later. But how many people do you know who actually get the optimum amount of sleep? When was the last time you woke up naturally from a deep and nourishing sleep, ready to tackle the day without needing a jolt of caffeine to get you going? ...

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Vegan alternatives at the Glass House Retreat

Since the start of Veganuary in 2014, a growing number of people in the UK turn to a plant-based, vegan diet throughout January to support the planet and their health. At the Glass House Retreat, we understand the importance of a well-balanced, plant-based diet, which is why we use vegan alternatives in our cooking - giving you the benefits of a vegan diet to complement your wellness retreat ...

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Relax, Renew, Rebuild for the New Year

Some say January is the most depressing month. The post-Christmas hangover kicks in at the darkest time of the year. But it’s not all doom and gloom. The start of a new year is exciting. It’s a time for change. A time to reset and establish new goals. But do we stick to our new goals?...

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The Glass House’s Restorative Christmas Gift Guide

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your Christmas gift to a loved one could avoid the trap of expendable consumerism? If instead of a gadget that keeps them tethered to a stressful world, you could give an experience that helps them relax, recharge and reconnect with things that really matter? A gift of wellness, health, transformation and positive change....

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Top wellbeing benefits of a Scandinavian Sauna at the Glass House Retreat

In our hectic lives it’s hard to find a time and place to pause, breathe deeply and really reconnect. And colder weather can somehow make us our bodies feel even more tense. It’s time then to take some tips from the Scandinavians and turn to saunas to reap wellness benefits during those long, dark winter months...

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My short stay experience at The Glass House Retreat

What is it like staying at the Glass House Retreat? Well, it’s impossible not to relax, everything is so soothing, but delivered with exceptional care. It's casual but professional and welcoming. There are many solo travellers, male and female, as well as small groups of friends. All body types and fitness levels will feel at home. Meals are communal and everyone chats to you and shares their...

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Wellness with Glass House Alternative Therapies

Not long ago in the alcoves of human history, the thought of a surgeon completing open heart or brain surgery was fantastical. The same can be said for the array of pills now available. There’s a pill for everything, or so it feels. All we must do is visit our GP for a few minutes, get our appraisal, and walk away with a blister pack. Job done. Or is it?...

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