Fun workouts for your fitness journey

From the endorphin high to achieving our fitness goals, we all know the benefits exercise can have on our mental and physical health. Yet, not all workouts resonate with that we would call ‘fun’ and it isn't always easy to find the willpower to do a HIIT class or go for a jog after a long day.

If you’ve been struggling to find that elusive workout motivation lately, perhaps as we come into Spring, now is the perfect time to rethink your approach. You can try squeezing a strenuous workout in the morning and hope you still have the energy for that all important meeting later, or, swap those tedious exercises altogether and do a fun workout at a time that suits you!


Why choose a fun workout over a regular workout?

A fun workout is subjective and there isn’t a magic one-size-fits-all checklist that means one workout is more fun over another. Like most things in life, we don’t all like the same things. So of course, what is deemed enjoyable to you will be different to others, but there are benefits in taking the time to find the right fun workout for you.

For starters, when you do a workout you enjoy, it won’t feel like a chore. Instead, it will be something you’ll look forward to and will be more willing to commit to in the long term. With a fun workout, you will get active more regularly and your body will thank you for it. No matter the type of exercise you choose, a fun workout will likely involve some level of cardio, strength and stretch which will benefit your physical and mental health.

Exercise can help alleviate physical stiffness and support weight management, reducing the risks of chronic health problems. It can also help you sleep better and improve your overall mood thanks to the feel-good hormones it releases.

In short, fun workouts are the perfect solution to counter those dreaded exercises, do your body some good, and actually enjoy getting your sweat on. But how do you find a fun workout you won’t get bored of? Why not start with one of the suggested fun workouts below:



Dancing is a versatile, fun workout that can fit any personal preference. Salsa, contemporary, classic, ballroom, west coast, and even Zumba are all types of dancing you can try. Most styles of dance have beginner to advanced classes that can be done at any age, making it an approachable option for a fun workout. Whether you want to dance with your partner, your friend, or by yourself, there’s nothing quite like cranking up the music and dancing. On top of that, dancing will promote strength, coordination, balance, and confidence, no matter the style you choose.

No classes nearby? Whack on a dance playlist and get moving around your house! Even kicking up the dance pace while doing those boring chores like hoovering or washing up can benefit your mental and physical wellbeing.


Hula Hooping

Hula Hooping is a fun workout that has had a resurgence in the last few years. This workout works your entire body as you move around, trying to keep the hoop from dropping.

You can do this exercise on the beach, in your living room, or anywhere really, as long as you have a hula hoop (and a bit of space).

It is a low-impact workout, so perfect if you’re looking to tone your body and do a little bit of cardio without too much bodily strain.

The looping motion helps strengthen core muscles – glutes, abs, and back muscles alike - but also engages other parts of the body including the shoulders, so give it a try.



Skipping is a great way to have a fun workout, especially if you're looking for something with a little more cardio. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can amp it up with a single-leg jump, high-knees, double jumps and more. As long as you’re moving, it’s all good.

When it comes to health benefits, skipping can be just as good as any other exercise. It supports heart health, promotes concentration and coordination and assists in weight management. Much like dancing and skipping, this can be done on your own or with a group.


Tips to enjoy a fun workout

Dancing, hula hooping, and skipping are just some examples of fun workouts you can do to start exercising regularly. However, there’s no need to limit yourself to those. If you enjoy running or swimming, then these can be your definition of a fun workout. So take the time to try different things, with different people, and find out what you like. And if you still need that extra push to get started with your workouts, here are some tips:


Match your fun workout to your personality

Most people like to do something that comes naturally or that they’re good at, so take a close look at both your strengths and personality. If you have very good coordination or memory, you might enjoy dancing just like if you’re a little introverted, yoga or pilates may be a good fit.


Reframe the way you view exercise

The aim of picking a fun workout is that you stop viewing exercise as a punishment and instead see it as an enjoyable reward after a hard day at work. But while finding the right workout is half the battle, it also takes a little bit of a conscious mindset shift. So, every time you’re about to workout, remind yourself why.


Mix things up

When you find a fun workout, it is still important to switch things up now and then to avoid getting bored and reverting back to your old fitness habits. Whether you try dancing for a month and then move on to skipping, bringing variety means that you’ll be more likely to have fun with your workouts.

Overall, a workout should be a fun, positive experience and not something that you dread. Thinking about exercise has something that makes you happy will ultimately be the key to maintaining a regular fitness routine. And if you’re looking for a way to try different things with ease this February, Glass House has prepared the perfect fitness retreats for you.

You can book any type of stay to try out our range of fitness class, or come in for the February fitness retreat which is available to book for 4 nights or more and include 1 group cooking class per guest – with a delicious recipe to take home – skin scanning, and a 25 min session with a personal trainer. All of this on top of multiple fitness classes to try each day. Perfect to find out what fun workouts are best for you.