Wellness Retreat & Spa Near London

The Glass House detox and wellness retreat is tailor-made. It exists to help you live a healthier, fitter, and more relaxed life.

Find top fitness facilities and classes, spa treatments and nutrition—all in one place—giving you the best possible space for change.

It’s about how you’ll feel afterwards— chilled out, rejuvenated, and proud of your success.

Our retreat radiates wellness, with ground to ceiling sheets of crystal-clear glass—letting in a flood of natural light.

It’s an eco-friendly build, complemented by solar panels, a ground source heat pump, and rain water recycling technology.

We’re less than an hour from central London, amongst seven acres of lush Essex countryside. It’s rural, quiet, and we offer a pure detox, fitness and plant based diet experience.

No distractions, temptations, or guilt. It’s a journey, which will improve your life.  

For your personal wellness