The Benefits of Pilates – the hot exercise class of the moment

From gym classes to home video tutorials, the popularity of Pilates is undoubtedly on the rise. Even if you’re not one for the gym or have never taken part in a home workout, we’re sure you’ve heard of this revolutionary exercise that’s taking both workout novices and elite experts by storm.

So why are we seeing a sudden popularity boom? After all, Pilates isn’t a new workout as physical trainer Joeseph Pilates created it in the 1920s.

Read on to find out why Pilates has become the go-to workout it is today and the numerous benefits of Pilates that have contributed to the rising trend.


What is Pilates?

Before we delve into the benefits of Pilates, it’s important to understand what the workout entails. Pilates is a workout that consists of a series of movements that aims to improve core strength, balance and flexibility.

It is similar to yoga in that the exercise connects your mind and body. However, the workouts differ in motion. In yoga, positions are held for a set amount of time before flowing into another position, whereas in Pilates, you adopt a position and then challenge your core by moving your arms and legs, making the benefits of Pilates almost infinite. 


But what’s making this workout so popular?

Like many trends, Pilates has received raving endorsement from influencers and celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Hailey Bieber, who have swapped the high-intensity sessions for this low-impact workout offering plenty of benefits.

During lockdown, when having space for a full workout was a luxury, and we had to use whatever we had available, the ease and accessibility of Pilates saw its popularity revival begin. As long as you had access to a mat and a YouTube tutorial, you could take a Pilates class. The benefits of Pilates begins as its accessibility. 

Of course, now gyms are back open and we can enjoy a whole host of fitness classes and activities, the popularity of Pilates hasn’t declined. If anything, it’s more in demand than ever.

Combined with celebrity endorsement, minimal equipment and numerous health and wellbeing benefits, it’s no wonder Pilates has become the go-to workout of 2022.

So, what are the benefits of Pilates?  


It’s a journey

One important benefit of Pilates is that it’s about more than getting that elusive ‘perfect’ body. It’s about enjoying the workout in the moment and zoning in on yourself. Of course, like with any form of exercise, there are physical benefits to Pilates in the long run. However, the workout focuses more on your mental wellbeing and forming a connection with your body and mind. 

Previously, workouts that made you sweat, hurt and feel achy the next day were deemed as the only ‘worthwhile’ exercise. However, we’re now progressing towards holistic wellness, and benefits of Pilates focuses on the body and mind as one, changing our perception of what makes a ‘good’ workout, and understanding that health goes beyond physical appearance.

Pilates encourages both physical and mental growth through a series of movements. With practice and patience, the benefits of Pilates includes the growth of your flexibility, balance, joint movement, stamina and strength.


Pilates for everyone

Fitness and exercise is for everyone, just like the benefits of Pilates. Regardless of age, gender, body shape, experience or ability, everyone should feel confident and empowered to enjoy working out in a way that benefits them.

One benefit of Pilates is that it is adaptable for all abilities, and movements can be increased or decreased in difficulty to suit your requirements, making it a popular pregnancy workout. As your strength, balance and flexibility improve over time, the exercise can change accordingly.


Improves core strength

The workout does wonders for your core strength and is one of the main benefits of Pilates. Because who doesn’t want a stronger core?

The low-impact workout focuses on moving your arms and legs to engage and strengthen your core (among many other muscles). However, core strength is more than just your abdominals. Pilates improves spine alignment, shoulder position and pelvic positions, which can benefit your posture and joints, which will all positively impact your daily movements.  This is why the benefits of Pilates extends to all ages.


Improves mental wellbeing

The benefits of Pilates go beyond the physical, making it a popular workout for those dealing with depression, stress and anxiety. Of course, any form of exercise is great for boosting the release of endorphins; however, Pilates goes one step further.

One of the eight principles and benefits of Pilates is breathing techniques. These techniques build up stamina, supply oxygen to the body and encourage relaxation. Breathing patterns also help you to look inwards and focus on the present, which can help put worries and stresses into perspective.

Joining any fitness class can improve confidence and self-esteem, reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Taking time out of your day to engage in any form of exercise will benefit your mental wellbeing and encourage the release of endorphins and other ‘happy hormones’, and this definitely one strong pull of the benefit of Pilates. 


Where can I try Pilates?

Lots of gyms now run classes due to it being in high demand, with many people understanding the benefits of Pilates. At The Glass House Retreat, Pilates is just one of the many classes offered by our expert coaches throughout the day. So, whether you’re in the mood for some serious sweating or are looking for a low-impact session, we have the perfect class for you.

Much like Pilates, all our classes can be adapted to suit your needs and level, ensuring everyone gets the most from all our classes, being in a group environment or a 1-2-1 session tailored to your goals.

Now you’ve read about some of the benefits of Pilates, why not give it a go yourself at The Glass House Retreat? Our classes are available to both spa day and spa break guests.