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Redefining Detox: healthy and balanced living

Detox, the ultimate buzzword of social media. It’s thrown around in hashtags, captions and even used when describing fad diet products. Originally a word associated with removing harmful substances from your life is now often said without meaning, merit or thought. Why? Because hearing and seeing it so much means we’ve become desensitised to its true meaning and its potential, both good...

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Everything you need to know about Veganuary 2023

We're all familiar with that post-Christmas feeling when we swear we'll never eat another mince pie or Quality Street again. Half-eaten boxes of chocolates haunt the cupboards and the fridge is home to a handful of lone Brussel sprouts. It's time to get back into everyday life, but the thought of regular food shopping (that's shopping without copious amounts of festive cheese) feels uninspiring.

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World Vegan Month: Vegan skincare

When we think of being vegan, it's likely the first thing we'll acknowledge is the exciting change to our diets, perhaps we'll also think about adapting our clothing habits to avoid leather and other goods derived from animals or animal by-products. But did you know there's a whole world of vegan skincare?  November is World Vegan Month and also marks the launch of our new Skincare Retreat...

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Seven top wellness and detox tips for your Winter skincare routine

However much you prioritise a healthy lifestyle, Winter can threaten to throw your hard-won detox and wellness gains off course. Colder temperatures, shorter days and seasonal demands on our diets, routines and time can all impact on our skin. But the great news is you can maintain that healthy Summer glow, even as Winter bites. Here are seven top tips for the best Winter skincare routines....

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How to start your fitness journey

So, you’re ready to start your fitness journey? You may be beginning from scratch, picking up an old hobby, or find yourself with all the gear and no idea. Whatever the reasons to begin your fitness journey, you’re here, and you may now realise getting started is the hardest part. Everyone who has ever started their fitness journey has been through this initial stage. Maybe you’re feeling excited...

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The Benefits of Pilates – the hot exercise class of the moment

From gym classes to home video tutorials, the popularity of Pilates is undoubtedly on the rise. Even if you’re not one for the gym or have never taken part in a home workout, we’re sure you’ve heard of this revolutionary exercise that’s taking both workout novices and elite experts by storm...

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Breaking 5 Summer Spa Misconceptions

Perhaps a Summer Spa is the getaway break you need (and deserve)? But wait, aren’t spas where people go to beat the winter blues? And aren’t they just for short stays?There are a lot of misconceptions around Summer Spa breaks, so read on to find out why you might want to ignore them and try a relaxing spa break for yourself...

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The Benefits of Exercising in Nature

Love it or loath it, we all know exercise is good for us. And after we’ve caught our breath, jumped in the shower and soothed aching muscles, there’s no denying we always feel that little bit better after raising our heartbeat and working up a sweat. These feelings aren’t just a coincidence. There are plenty of scientific reasons that prove exercise boosts our mood and makes us ...

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National Vegetarian Week: 5 extremely easy veggie recipes

The 16th May marks the start of National Vegetarian Week, a whole week dedicated to scrummy veggie goodness with vegetarian recipes. Sometimes it can be daunting trying something new, especially if you’re a dedicated meat eater, but once you take the first few steps to the vegetarian way of life, we doubt you’ll look back...

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Breathwork for Anxiety

At The Glass House, we’re dedicated to helping you discover a fresh sense of mental nourishment during our Wellness Retreat. When it comes to managing anxiety, there isn’t a one size fits all method. But there are a few small actions we recommend, to help you achieve a happier, healthier and stress-free version of you: a balanced diet, mindfulness, regular exercise. Including the healing...

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