Redefining Detox: healthy and balanced living

Detox, the ultimate buzzword of social media. It’s thrown around in hashtags, captions and even used when describing fad diet products. Originally a word associated with removing harmful substances from your life is now often said without meaning, merit or thought. Why? Because hearing and seeing it so much means we’ve become desensitised to its true meaning and its potential, both good and bad.

We’re here to change that.

Let’s redefine detox.


Why are we redefining detox?

Whether or not we’re aware of it, we’ve all most likely detoxed from one thing or another at some point in our lives. Maybe you’ve cut out drinking for dry January, logged out of all social media for a weekend, embarked on a solo trip for a touch of self-care, or blocked a phone number when a relationship hasn’t worked out. Despite what social media tells us, detoxing isn’t all about juice diets.

At Glass House, we believe detoxing can do wonders for our mental and physical wellbeing. It can add to our lives rather than take away, and as a purpose-built wellness retreat, enriching lives with positive influences is what we’re all about.


How are we redefining detox?

Much like self care, detoxing is a very personal thing. What works to positively influence one person’s wellbeing may not offer the same results for someone else. For example, a caffeine detox won’t offer the same benefits to someone who needs a digital detox.

To redefine detox in a way that resonates with all, we’re focusing on healthy and balanced living, in contrast to the extreme diets and fad weight-loss products we’ve been misled into believing mean ‘detox’. 


Immunity boost

More than ever, an increased amount of us are mindful of having a healthy immune system. But how can we improve our immunity? The reality, we’ve all been ill at some stage, no matter our lifestyle or diet. However, there are things we can add to our lives that’ll give us an immunity boost, helping us ward off illness.

Eat a balanced plant-based diet: a balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables and vegan proteins can help boost your immune system. Make sure to include foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, such as oranges, spinach, nuts and seeds. Glass House cooking classes are perfect for helping you start your immune boosting vegan journey. 

Exercise regularly: we all live busy lives, and finding the time to squeeze in daily exercise can often seem almost impossible, however, exercise doesn’t always mean spending hours at the gym, running for miles or joining an intense fitness class. As long as you’re raising your heart rate, you’re benefiting your body and immune system. Take the dog for a walk, dance around your living room to your favourite playlist or find a fitness class that gets you excited. At Glass House, you can sample a variety of cardio, dance, HIT, yoga and aqua classes – we’re sure you’ll find the perfect class for you!

Get plenty of quality sleep: nothing’s easy when you’re tired. Alongside eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly, getting enough sleep is essential for a healthy immune system. There’s a reason you get ill when you work too hard or run yourself down. Without quality sleep, your immune system can’t function to its potential, meaning you risk getting ill more often. Aim for 7-8 hours a night, and always avoid screens before bed to help you wind down.  We’d recommend a few nights in our ‘cloud-like beds’, as described by our guests.


Healthy heart

Looking after our heart is one of the most important ways to look after our overall health. After all, it’s a vital organ that works non-stop for our whole lives – so let’s give it some love. As well as all the immunity-boosting healthy habits mentioned above, there are some extra things we can do to steer our way to a healthy heart.

Reduce stress levels: easier said than done? Perhaps, but with the right tools and knowledge, we belive everyone can reduce their stress levels. Stress can take a toll on your heart and health, and there are simple things we can do in our day-to-day lives that help beat stress. Activities such as yoga, mindfulness and breathwork can all lower your heart rate and reduce stress. They also help you be present in the moment, allowing you to tune into your mind and body.

Limit alcohol and caffeine intake: enjoying a glass of wine or a latte every now and again won’t hugely impact your wellbeing, but, like most things, overconsumption can lead to problems such as heart disease and high blood pressure. If you’re serious about cutting alcohol and caffeine out of your system temporally (or permanently), we’d recommend a visit to Glass House Retreat, where all temptations of caffeine and alcohol are off the table.


Good gut

Recently, the awareness of gut health has taken the wellness community by storm, and for a good reason. Striving for a healthy gut is essential for a strong immune system, absorption of nutrients and overall mental and physical wellbeing. Taking care of our gut can help us feel our best and prevent illness. So, how can we improve our gut health?

Avoid processed food: we know it’s easy to grab something quick after work or between the school run. However, overconsumption of processed foods (often filled with sugars, unhealthy fats and additives) can severely impact our gut health. Instead, opt for fresh, nutrient-dense food rich in fibre, whole grains, fruit, vegetables and plant-based proteins. At Glass House, we’re proud to offer fully plant-based menus, freshly prepared daily with locally sourced vegan produce.

Stay hydrated: staying hydrated is key for overall holistic health and wellbeing. For gut health, staying hydrated helps to flush out toxins and waste, as well as helps to regulate body temperature, aiding digestion and reducing gut inflammation.


Detox at Glass House Retreat

Even if you only take up a few of these healthy habits, your mental and physical wellbeing will thank you, and in return, you’ll feel the difference. During January, we’re redefining detox by delving into these healthy habits across the retreat. Through diet, wellness, treatments and mindfulness, you’ll come away from your stay feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.