The Benefits of Crystals on your Energy

We all replenish our energy levels in different ways. Those of us who are extroverted may find themselves supercharged by the presence of others, while introverts gain energy wealth from their own company. Sleeping, eating and exercising all play major parts in our energy levels, especially when executed in a balanced way, tuning into induvial needs.

But what else can we look to when searching for different energy reserves? Don't go reaching for that caffeine boost or chemical-filled energy drink. Our bodies deserve better. Have you thought about the natural power of crystals? Whether you believe in the energy flow of crystals, or need more information to make up your mind, below presents ways certain crystals can help balance, maintain and even increase your energy flows. 


It's a journey

Before we get started, it's important to note that everyone will experience and power and benefits of crystals in their own way. You may be fully committed to the benefits of crystals for your energy, or still searching for answers that help you understand how their powers can benefit you.

Whatever stage you are on in your crystal journey, it's crucial to listen to your body and understand that crystals should never be used in replacement of professional medical advice or treatment.


How do crystals benefit your energy levels?

References to the healing power of crystals dates back to the 4th millennium BC, where they were used in rituals and healing formulas. Crystals were, and still are, used in traditional Chinese medicines which date back over 5000 years. So it's safe to say using crystals to benefit our wellbeing and health isn't anything new.

But how do they work?

Well, that probably depends who you ask, and what you believe. Whether it's the natural vibrations of the crystals that generate healing properties, the placebo effect from the pleasurable texture and colour of the crystals, or if there is something more magical behind them, thousands of people swear by the healing powers of crystals, so there must be something worth shouting about, right?


So, what are the benefits of crystals for your energy?

The belief is that crystals communicate with the body's energy flow, realigning energy channels to prevent any interruptions of the body's natural flow. They also work to open your chakras. In short, crystals work to give you an all-natural energy boost!

Just like your phone, laptop or kindle, crystals also require recharging – but of course this requires something a little different than plugging them into a charging socket. In fact, crystals get their energy from the most natural energy source we know. Sunlight.

This is all part of the crystal's natural energy flow. They get their energy from the sun which in turn, offers positive energy to flow through our bodies. Some crystals also supercharge in the light of a full moon.

Of course, crystals offer a whole host of positive benefits alongside energy boosting, including increasing confidence (amethyst, rose quartz), reducing anxiety (clear quartz, smoky quartz) and help with stress (howlite, amethyst).


How can I use crystals to benefit my energy?

So you have your crystal but you feel unsure where to begin? Simply start by holding a crystal in your hand. How does it feel on your skin? Is it cold or warm? How would you describe its shape? How does it make you feel? As well as working to benefit your energy levels, crystals are great tools for mindfulness, and in turn, work to calm the mind and body.

Wearing crystals as jewellery helps maintain continuous vibrations and placing them around your home generates heightened levels of positive vibrations.

For those more in tune and familiar with crystal work, using them during mediation works as a great vessel for positive energy.

To get the most from your crystal journey, you must find a way to work with crystals that suits you. And this won't be the same for everyone.  


What crystals can I use the benefit my energy?

For beginners, clear quartz is a great introductory crystal. Not only does it possess a number of benefits itself, but it also works as a catalyst for other crystals. Amethyst is a crystal you'll hear a lot about, and is another go-to for beginners.

There are numerous crystals that can benefit your energy levels, however, if you really don't know where to start, go for whatever crystal feels right. Sometimes you need to see your choices in person and hold a range of crystals in your hand to know what feels right. Most crystal shops will be open to helping you pick the perfect crystal for you.


Where can I learn more?

As ever, there's a plethora of information online to help guide you with your crystal journey. But if you're looking for a hand on crystal experience, Glass House offers bespoke healing sessions with a tailored combination of reiki, reflexology, tarot reading, mediumship and crystal healing. During your retreat stay, you can also learn more about crystals and spirituality during evening classes.

As well as crystal healing, your energy levels will benefit from all Glass House has to offer. From relaxing by the heated pool to working up a sweat in a fitness class, you can do as much or as little as you please when staying at Glass House.