Whole Body Cryotherapy Near London

Cryotherapy is a ground-breaking treatment, popular with celebs and top athletes—part of a futuristic new era in health and wellness.

Here, at the Glass House in Essex, you can experience it for yourself. 

Its uses are diverse, from soothing muscular injuries and aiding weight loss, to enhancing beauty, combating the signs of ageing, and improving overall wellness.

When your body is exposed to intense cold, remarkable things happen—including cellular regeneration, heightened oxygen absorption, and fat burning.


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Regenerating the self

In the majority of cases cryotherapy has been shown to help people—

  • Reduce fine lines & wrinkles
  • Lose weight & tone up
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Feel energised with endorphins
  • Recover from old injuries
  • Find relief from joint pain
  • Relieve inflammation & swelling
  • Recuperate from stress & burnout

The peak of cryo-technology

Our electric cryo chamber is at the peak of cryo-technology, maintaining a constant temperature of between -85°C to -110°C, without relying on dangerous nitrogen gas. It’s a safe way to activate your body’s protective systems and feel the best you’ve ever felt.


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