Cryo Chamber

Cryotherapy in London

Cryotherapy is a ground-breaking treatment, popular with celebs and top athletes, all part of a futuristic new era in health and wellness.

Here, at the Glass House in Essex, you can experience it for yourself in our state-of-the-art cryo chamber. 

When your body is exposed to intense cold, remarkable things happen. The benefits of coldtherapy are diverse, from soothing muscular injuries and holistically rejuvenating the body, to naturally supercharging your energy levels and improving overall mental wellness. 

Get the most from your retreat getaway and add cryo chamber sessions to your spa day, spa break or longer spa stay and experience the plethora of benefits to your mental and physical health, even after just one session. 

Man benefiting from Cryo chamber experience
Cryo chamber

Benefits of using a cryo chamber

Cryotherapy and cold therapy exposure has been shown to help people—

  • Supercharge their energy levels with the power of endorphins
  • Recover from injuries and soothe muscles
  • Relieve inflammation and swelling
  • Rejuvenate mental wellbeing
  • Find relief from joint pain
  • Burns calories 
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