Complete Health & Fitness Retreat in the UK

The Glass House is more than a retreat, it’s a concept. It’s the sharing of a healthier, fitter, and more in tune way of being. Here you’ll find all the facilities you need to get fit, detox, and chill out.

Total mind and body wellness under one roof
Heated Leisure Pool, Sauna & Steam Room

Swimming is considered the perfect full body workout.

Even a gentle breaststroke could burn a couple of hundred calories in just 30 minutes. Not only this, but the sensation and gentle lift of water calms you.

Few exercises are relaxing and effective at the same time. Swimming is easily one of the best ways to be healthy in your body and mind.

Our heated leisure pool is an ideal place for you to unwind after a session in our fitness studio or fully loaded gym.

We also have a separate steam room and a separate Scandinavian style salt block sauna, for detoxing, loosening muscles, improving respiration, lowering blood pressure and promoting healthier skin.

Fitness Studio

Large, full of natural light, with a sprung floor—our fitness studio is a safe, professional, and positive exercise space. The Glass House is about lifestyle change, but we’re not a bootcamp.

If you want less intense classes, we have them. Likewise, if you want endurance training, we have that too. It’s about personalising your journey, so you get the utmost from your stay.

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Fully Loaded Gym

Our gym is at the core of the Glass House experience. We’ve created a hyper-versatile fitness suite, offering you a true full body workout.

You can focus on your cardio, core strength, balance, flexibility, endurance or mix it up. Plus, all our equipment is state of the art, optimised to give you the best possible results.

We have everything, from treadmills, to larger multi-use fitness equipment.

Don’t worry if you’re new to using a gym, one of our welcoming and knowledgeable wellness specialists will show you the ropes.


Spa Facilities

The Glass House, from the moment of imagining, was about your wellness. Our spa is purpose built, with eight treatment rooms. You should never compete to relax.

Each room is a private Eden, with its own music speakers for a unique ambiance, one carefully synchronised with your treatments.

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Communal Lounge

No one need go it alone. On your wellness journey you’ll be part of a Glass House community of likeminded people, making a healthy lifestyle change.

We’ve created an easy-going atmosphere where guests can support one another in reaching their goals.

Our large communal lounge has comfy seating and a 75-inch flat screen TV, for some end of day escapism and a chat. Perhaps you’ll make some friends for life.

Communal Dining Area

This is where Miguel Gouveia and his team will prepare, and show you how to create vibrant, wholesome, and calorie-controlled plant-based meals.

The Glass House doesn’t end when you leave. We’ll give you the tools to keep living the life you want—a better life. 

Plant-Based Food

Countryside Views

We’re close to London, but it’s a different world. No car fumes, noise, or city sprawl. The Glass House is nestled in seven acres of rolling countryside.

With gentle hills, green fields and abundance of wildlife. You'll be rinsing yourself of the urban, the hectic, and re-joining the natural.

Your stay at The Glass House is as much a mental detox as a physical one.