Cleansing Plant-Based Detox

Cleanse away life’s impurities and start again, totally renewed.

Our low-cholesterol plant-based diets help balance your nutrition, aid your digestion, and are great for your heart. 

At The Glass House we offer a pure detox and weight loss experience. No junk food—just seasonal fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains—local, fresh, and delivered daily. Our first choice is organic too.

Our plant-based diets and juices are rich in vitamins and minerals, high in fibre, healthy, and largely unprocessed. They’re what your body craves.

Everything is natural and clean. From our herbal teas to sparkling water.

With our specially designed plant-based diets, fitness classes and specialist packages—you can lose weight, get healthy, and find a happiness that’s yours to keep.

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Eating green, is eating clean
Equilibrium Diet

Equilibrium Diet

  • Three plant-based meals a day
  • Designed for bio-equilibrium
  • If you want to detox, but weight loss isn't a priority
  • Healthy, relaxed & detoxifying 
Weight Loss Diet

Weight Loss Diet

  • Three plant-based meals a day
  • Designed to help you lose weight
  • Great intro to plant-based diets
  • Healthy, effective & detoxifying
Pure Juicing Diet

Pure Juicing Diet

  • Vitamin & mineral rich juice: breakfast & lunch
  • Plant-based meal for dinner
  • Recommended for more intensive weight loss
  • Healthy, committed & detoxifying
  • Highly effective & cleansing