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Solo Spa Breaks: The Benefits of a Solo Stay

Solo spa breaks offer a wonderful way to reconnect with yourself, tempting with the promise of well-deserved R&R. Far removed from the rhythm of everyday life and the distractions that come along for the ride, these dreamy breaks from reality provide an important opportunity to unwind and settle into a more relaxed pace.  

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2024 goals: how to master realistic New Year goal-setting

It's a trope as old as time. January rolls around and we enter a flurry of New Year goal-setting – only to feel like a failure by February when we inevitably miss our lofty targets.

Newsflash: you are not the problem. It might simply be that your 2023 goals were a little unrealistic. There's nothing wrong with aiming high. But you can't shoot for the stars without first landing on the moon.

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Winter wellness dome

Top tips for boosting your Winter wellness

There’s plenty to look forward to in winter - the roaring fires, hearty recipes and holiday cheer - but winter’s chill can come with a bite. The dropping temperatures, lack of sunshine and reduced exercise can prevent us feeling quite so merry. If you’re feeling in the need for a winter wellness boost, here are our top tips.

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Farmer's market

The Benefits of Sourcing Local Produce

Imagine you could meet and speak to a great-great-great-great-grandparent. What would you talk about?

You'd probably start with technology. Smartphones, computers and the internet would be unthinkably extraordinary for someone born in the 18th century – especially the concept of a digital detox.

Then, invariably, the conversation would turn to food. And your out-of-place antecedent would probably be just as surprised by your dietary habits as they were by your iPhone.


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water drinking from water bottle

The benefits of hydration

When it comes to healthy habits, there is one easy, obvious and frequently overlooked action we can all take: stay hydrated. Your body is mostly water, so your fluid levels can affect your physical and mental well-being much more than you may think. It’s time to focus on the benefits of hydration.

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Natural swim pond

Best Treatments for your Summer Spas

The longer, lighter, warmer days are the ideal time to indulge in a Summer spa. As our schedules get busier, the sun gets hotter and the beaches beckon, it’s the perfect opportunity to press pause, take timeout for wellness and focus on our physical & mental health. At the Glass House, we know how to ensure a Summer spa helps you do all three.

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Cycling as Outdoor Exercise: A Beginner's Guide

You can't beat a bit of outdoor exercise. No gym subscriptions. No space restrictions. No waiting your turn for the treadmill. It's just you, the great outdoors and as much fresh, clean air as you can breathe...

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The Best Tea for a Good Sleep

Our bodies are beautiful, delicate, complicated things. Like the butterfly that flaps up a whirlwind, even tiny lifestyle changes can have a huge impact on our health and well-being.

For instance, did you know that sipping caffeine-free tea can help you sleep better? In this article, we look at the best blends of tea for a good sleep, as well as the importance of sleep for our health and well-being.

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The Benefits of Crystals on your Energy

We all replenish our energy levels in different ways. Those of us who are extroverted may find themselves supercharged by the presence of others, while introverts gain energy wealth from their own company. Sleeping, eating and exercising all play major parts in our energy levels, especially when executed in a balanced way, tuning into induvial needs. But what else can we look to when searching for...

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Fun workouts for your fitness journey

From the endorphin high to achieving our fitness goals, we all know the benefits exercise can have on our mental and physical health. Yet, not all workouts resonate with that we would call ‘fun’ and it isn't always easy to find the willpower to do a HIIT class or go for a jog after a long day....

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