Fitness & Mindfulness Classes Near London

There are countless types of fitness class. Boring ones that don’t work, branded ones, bizarre ones, and a handful of exceptional ones. All of them vary in effort and results.

We’ve hand picked a selection proven to work, across all fitness levels. This way, you’ll find something that’s right for you.

If the sun’s out, then so are we. On fine days, you’ll be able to exercise in our seven-acre grounds, with a cooling breeze.  

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Get fit, learn to be mindful, and fully enjoy life

In a digital world it’s easy to lose touch.

Mindfulness helps you connect with the present—what’s happening in your body, mind, and environment.

It’s about being aware of sensations, aromas, thoughts, and feelings. It’s being alive in the realest sense, not trapped in unhelpful patterns of thinking, or distracted by technology.

If you’re mindful, your life will be that much clearer.


The practice of yoga is thousands of years old. It works through a combination of breathing exercises, meditation, and postures.

At the Glass House, our yoga classes have a strong emphasis on the breath and are designed to allow your body and mind to fully relax.

RELAX- Simple, slow paced, ideal for beginners. Floor based class, no standing postures.
RESET- Aims to synchronise your body movements with your breath, smooth transitioning through poses on an inhale or exhale. No Balancing postures.
RENEW - Faster paced, increase flexibility, strength and coordination.
RESTORE - Holding poses for longer periods of time and using props to help get into the deeper connective tissues and relax the body.
AERIAL - Using a hammock to allow students to perform postures that they may not ordinarily be able to attempt on a mat. It combines traditional yoga with moves inspired by Pilates, dance and acrobatics.


Pilates is good for your whole body, giving it resilience against injuries and easing away historic muscle tension.

Pilates is a rare, low-impact form of exercise that gives you much more than it takes. It’s also easy access, so you can jump right in.

Fitness Studio Classes

This gets your heart beating and your blood pumping. When it comes to weight loss and fitness, our classes is hard to beat.

They are fun too—rhythmic and diverse, mixing stretches, cardio and weights. Get ready to burn some calories and feel energised.

Water Aerobics

With the addition of water, aerobics becomes a type of resistance training. It’s a proven way of increasing your core strength and losing weight.

What’s unique about it though, is the water regulates your temperature. So, it may not feel like you’re losing calories, but you are.  


Whatever your thoughts on boxing, there’s no argument boxers are fit and strong. Minus climbing into a ring or hitting someone, BoxFit has the same training techniques.

This includes shadow boxing, skipping, hitting pads and more. It’s a high intensity, effective class, with heaps of health benefits.

It’s superb for core strength, endurance, agility, and releasing pent up stress. Once you start, you might find the exhilaration addictive.


In summer months, we have outdoor bootcamp which is a high-intensity class, based around sets of exercises (or circuits) that are completed, before quickly moving on to the next one in a series.

Bootcamps is an extremely time efficient way for you to boost your cardio vascular fitness and muscle endurance. We recommend it for all fitness levels, beginners and advanced.



Work to improve balance, coordination, core strength, and flexibility while also enhancing the strength of smaller, stabilizing muscles.