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Solo Spa Breaks: The Benefits of a Solo Stay

Solo spa breaks offer a wonderful way to reconnect with yourself, tempting with the promise of well-deserved R&R. Far removed from the rhythm of everyday life and the distractions that come along for the ride, these dreamy breaks from reality provide an important opportunity to unwind and settle into a more relaxed pace.  

If you are seeking some real relaxation, then the benefits of solo spa breaks are endless – especially when enjoyed at a beautiful retreat. A healing balm for busy minds and tired bodies, solo spa breaks help to boost mental wellbeing and soothe the soul. And, without the worry of checking in with partners, friends, and the outside world, they can be perfectly tailored to be exactly what you need them to be. Bliss.

If you’re tempted to try a solo spa break, then here are just some of the benefits of a solo stay…

You can take uninterrupted time for yourself

One of the best things about solo spa breaks is that they provide you with the freedom to set your own agenda and engage in activities that really resonate with you – all without compromise. Whether that involves doing as much or as little as you please, you can explore all sorts of new and cherished activities, from mindfulness techniques to meditation styles to relaxing spa treatments.  Savour each bite and appreciate the flavours of your favourite meals, cultivating deeper connections with food and its source, or immerse yourself in natural waters for moments of cold-water serenity. Whatever you choose to fill your retreat, taking uninterrupted time for yourself is one of our favourite benefits of solo stays.


You can focus on your goals and aspirations

Whether you are setting targets for the New Year or are simply checking in with yourself, treating yourself to a solo spa break affords the chance to really reflect on where you are and where you’d like to be. Offering a completely unique experience, solo stays allow you to focus on your personal goals and aspirations in a relaxed, supportive environment. Take time to self-reflect, enjoy time alone with your thoughts, and gain valuable insights into your present needs and future vision. By giving yourself permission to focus on yourself without any pressures, clarity and confidence are sure to follow.


You can reconnect your body and mind

Purpose-built for wellness, our Glass House retreat supports a holistic approach to wellbeing. Enabling you to tune out the static noise of the everyday and clear the mind, our solo spa breaks propose the perfect setting for refocusing and reconnecting body and mind. Encouraging deeper emotional processing and the chance to fully immerse yourself in mindfulness practices, you can fully connect with the present moment and see how you’re feeling both emotionally and physically. Experience the healing bliss of soothing spa treatments, enjoy exhilarating swims in our natural swimming pond, or relax tired muscles in our alfresco hot tubs and unwind and recharge at your own pace.


You can do exactly what you want to do throughout your stay

Solo spa breaks allow you to tailor your experience to be exactly what you need it to be. Whether you’re visiting in summer or winter, you can choose activities, workshops, treatments and more that align with your goals and meet your needs – be that to transform and revive, de-stress and unwind, or to simply try something new. Without anything else, or anyone else, to think about, you can capitalise on greater flexibility and spontaneity for a retreat that is just for you. Leave your beloveds behind and enjoy the simple pleasure of doing exactly what you would like to do throughout your stay – no guilt included.


You can connect with new friends (or not!)

Going alone on solo spa breaks means that you are not bound by any social expectations or dynamics. For some, this freedom can create a more authentic and uninhibited experience for the self, allowing you to be true to yourself without influences from other people. That said, for others, solo breaks also provide the opportunity to chat with likeminded individuals and share meaningful experiences or new ideas. A relaxed, supportive space for healing journeys, tranquil moments and new-found friendships, our Glass House Retreat features a lovely communal lounge and dining space and group workshops so that you can gather with others when, and if, you please.


You can digitally detox

Another of our favourite things about solo spa breaks is that they provide the perfect chance to digitally detox. Without having to check in with others, catch up on work, or arrange meet-ups with friends, solo escapes mean that you can completely switch off (figuratively and literally) and experience the richness of the present without distractions. Make use of our wonderful onsite facilities, from our heated indoor pool to our contemporary, fully equipped gym to our calming private rooms and lose yourself to a blissful bubble. We even have a mobile safe so you can savour a completely phone-free zone, if you’d like to.


The Glass House Retreat

If you are considering the benefits of solo spa breaks and are seeking the best destination for your holistic escape, then look no further. A rural sanctuary surrounded by countryside yet only an hour away from London, our stunning Glass House Retreat offers a safe and welcoming space for solo travellers. Book your private room and choose from a selection of experiences for a revitalising retreat for body and mind. Included with all stays is use of our extensive facilities, fitness and mindfulness classes, three vegan meals a day, complimentary goodies, motivational talks and more. We look forward to welcoming you.