Relax, Renew, Rebuild for the New Year

Some say January is the most depressing month. The post-Christmas hangover kicks in at the darkest time of the year. But it’s not all doom and gloom. The start of a New Year is exciting. It’s a time for change. A time to reset and establish new goals.

Maybe you’re cutting down on the booze for Dry January? Dusting off the treadmill to up your step count. Or reconnecting with old friends. The New Year brings hope, possibility and newfound motivation to take on the next 12 months. But do we stick to our new goals?


Unrealistic expectations

Just eight per cent of those who set New Year’s resolutions manage to keep them. For the remaining 92% of us, it’s only a matter of weeks before we’re ready to call it quits. Why? Because we set too many goals at once.

We create unrealistic expectations for ourselves that aren’t attainable. Once the novelty of the New Year wears off and life catches up, it’s easy to forget our post-Christmas ambitions. We’ve all been there.

We want instant results, meaning if we don’t see a significant change in a short amount of time, we give up. Or we slip up once and decide it’s game over. One chocolate means we may as well finish the whole box and start the diet again tomorrow. Tomorrow arrives and we try to ‘make up’ for yesterday’s mistakes, leaving us hungry, depressed and in need of more chocolate to make ourselves feel better. It’s a vicious cycle.


Transformation requires time and dedication

At the Glass House, we believe change doesn’t happen overnight. Altering our lifestyles doesn’t need to be radical. There are simple actions we can take to achieve a healthier, happier, more mindful version of ourselves for the New Year. Taking care of our mental wellbeing. Discovering healthy food alternatives. Scheduling in a weekly pamper session. Embarking on an enlightening detox and wellness retreat.

We’re more likely to create meaningful, long-lasting transformation when we slow down and look at how we can make small changes across multiple areas of our lives. It’s about finding a balance. Here are a few of our top suggestions to help you get started:


Healthy diet, healthy mind

A common New Year’s resolution is to develop healthier eating habits. Maybe you want to feel more energised, shed the Christmas pounds or simply cut back on processed food. Eating clean doesn’t require you to ditch the carbs. This only leads to cravings, which you eventually give in to before the feelings of guilt and regret start to creep in. But making healthy decisions doesn’t need to leave you feeling miserable.

This Veganuary, consider replacing your favourite meals with plant-based alternatives. A vegan or vegetarian diet helps reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol, whilst decreasing symptoms of anxiety, depression and fatigue. Plus, it’s great for the planet.

It’s important to note that going plant-based doesn’t mean restricting yourself to lettuce and quinoa. The Glass House has a number of fantastic recipes for you to follow, including a spectacular Zucchini Arrabbiata made with tofu or a detoxifying cucumber and celery green juice packed full of health benefits. For those with a sweet tooth, consider baking a batch of vegan banana and cinnamon brownies. Or book yourself in at the retreat for a plant-based cooking class with our expert chef, Miguel. We offer group classes and one-to-ones to equip you with the skills needed to kickstart your plant-based journey.

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Find an exercise you love

Often exercise is seen as something we just want to get out of the way. We don’t want to do it, but we’ve heard about the amazing effects it has on our mental and physical health. Finding an exercise you look forward to can make the world of difference. Instead of thinking you have to work out, you’ll want to.

It’s important to identify what exactly your goals are. Do you want to build up your endurance? Get stronger? Feel happier? Perhaps you want to fit back into your favourite jeans. Setting clear goals helps keep you motivated and less likely to fall off track. Just make sure you’re doing it for yourself, and not because you feel compelled to look or act a certain way.

The Glass House has expert trainers to help you develop a tailormade exercise routine. You might fancy a morning yoga class, followed by a relaxing dip in the pool. Or perhaps you’re looking for something to get the blood pumping, such as a Box Fit class or a HIIT session. Either way, you’ll feel great afterwards, and more likely to stick to your routine, if you find something you feel passionate about.


Self-care is key

We’re all stressed out. In fact, one in five of us are in a state of stress more often than we aren’t. And stress isn’t good for your sleep either. 39% of adults are missing out on a decent night’s rest because they aren’t taking the time to properly look after themselves.

The benefits to self-care are endless. Relaxation helps reduce your cortisol levels – the stress hormone that affects sleep. You can’t go wrong with a calming yoga session, followed by a good bubble bath, some soothing music and a facemask to set you up for a good night’s rest. Or a well-deserved spa day will leave you feeling rejuvenated. The Glass House offers several restorative spa treatments and facilities, from a deep tissue massage that releases built up stress, to a naturally heated sauna to relax and release toxins.

We also offer a series of interactive workshops and wellness classes, teaching you mindfulness and relaxation techniques. A large part of changing your behaviour involves rewiring the way you think.  Being mindful isn’t worrying about the future or the past, but being present. By becoming more in tune with your thoughts and surroundings, you’ll be better able to manage stress and take on whatever challenges 2022 sends your way.

Start your wellness journey

Change can be overwhelming. Kickstart your journey into wellness by booking yourself in for a transformative detox and wellness retreat in the beautiful Essex countryside. Whether you choose a one night spa stay, an inclusive wellness getaway, or an empowering body confidence break, you’ll leave feeling relaxed, renewed and ready to take on the New Year.

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