Raw Food Classes Near London

Eating raw, means eating clean. Fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, pulses, sprouted grains. Nothing heavy—no bland piles of carbohydrates.

It isn’t without treats either, such as unprocessed, indulgent cacao. The world of raw cuisine is creative and inspiring—with a huge range of main meals, desserts, and snacks to make.

Our raw food chef Miguel Gouveia, and his team, will create you some exciting plant-based raw meals during your stay—but what about afterwards?

When it comes to your own health and wellbeing, knowledge is everything.

We’ll regularly update this page with Miguel’s latest raw food, group classes—giving you the culinary skills to stay healthy at home.


Raw Vegan Plant-Based Cooking – £85 per class, per person

Learn to create delicious and healthy plant-based raw cuisine

Rise & Shine

Discover wholesome, refreshing breakfast ideas—that taste fantastic and energise your body for the day ahead.

“Healthy days start from the inside”

·         Detox juicing

·         Smoothie making

·         Plant-based granola

·         Gia pudding

Global Tastes

Your first step into the nourishing and culturally diverse world of vegan plant based raw cuisine. Don’t be surprised to find such healthy food so tasty.

“Food is essential for life—let’s make it good”

·         Vegetable teriyaki stir-fry

·         Plant-based sushi

·         Spanish cabbage with rice

·         Plant-based pasta with pesto

·         Plant-based guilt free pizza

Quiet Moments

Life is busy busy—so it’s important to sit for a moment and rest, with a little of something you enjoy. With our guilt free snacks, you can do just that, without worrying.

“Create healthy habits, not restrictions. Treat yourself”

·         Sweet pepper sesame shards

·         Protein granola bars

·         Almond chia muffins

·         Plant-based crisps

Dessert is Life

It’s fine to indulge from time to time. To indulge doesn’t mean eating overly sugared, fatty desserts. These creative, luxurious desserts will have you questioning what it means to treat yourself.

“There’s only one life, don’t deny yourself”

·         Chocolate mousse with a twist

·         Apple torte

·         Strawberry cheesecake

·         Chocolate plant-based brownies

·         Ice cream

·         S’mores

Class Details

All classes are two-hour long group sessions and can be pre-booked before your visit to our retreat. Raw vegan cookery uses mostly unprocessed plant-based ingredients, which are totally raw, dehydrated, or cooked at low temperatures (so as not to ruin their goodness).


To book, please email us— hello@glasshouseretreat.co.uk