Massage & Body

Full Body Swedish Massage

55 mins £60.00 | 85 mins £80.00

You decide where we work. This is a bespoke massage, focusing on your personal areas of tension—be it headaches, lower back pain, achy legs or overworked shoulders. Take deep breaths of your chosen aromas and drift away, whilst we sort the rest. Leave with a weight lifted.  

We recommend a course of massages throughout your stay to break down any ongoing areas of tension.

Tension Tamer

25 mins - £35.00

Relieve stress, tension, and be revived with this holistic heaven, working on your back, neck, and shoulders.

The Glass House Trio

55 mins £70.00

A totally tailored hour just for you consisiting of an express Elemis facial, a back massage and a hand or foot ritual.

Elemis Deep Tissue Massage

55 mins £75.00

A vigorous but grounding massage, tailored entirely to your needs—releasing stress and muscular pain. Oil blends rich in actives and transportive aromatics are combined with unparalleled conditioning expertise—giving you healthy, revitalised skin, and eased muscles.

Glass House Heaven Signature Treatment

120 minutes - £150.00

The ultimate treatment for your mind, body, and soul—working on your face, scalp, hands, feet, and body. Our signature spa treatment is an out of this world experience.

Your tired and aching muscles will be drizzled with warm oil, whilst our exclusive massage techniques will take your senses on a two-hour journey to complete peace. No only this, but our Elemis infused facial will leave you looking fantastic.

Lava Shell® Full Body Massage

55 mins - £75.00 / 85 mins - £100.00

This massage is idyllic, and truly pampering—combining the warmth of Lava Shells® with blissful massage techniques, balancing to your entire body and mind.

During your massage, Lava Shells® are worked over your palms, arms, feet, and legs in slow, deep movements—gently releasing warmth into the core of your muscles, relaxing them. This is followed by a tranquil back, neck, and shoulder massage.

You’ll be utterly free of tension, knots, and stress.

An unforgettable and sublime experience.

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Lava Shell® Back Massage

25 mins - £48.00

A 30-minute treatment, working the lava shell warmth into high tension areas—your back, neck, and shoulders—leaving you feeling destressed and balanced.

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Lava Shell® Tummy Treatment

25 mins – £48.00

This natural colonic treatment is ideal if you’re suffering from IBS and bloating (or even if you're not). The warmth of the Lava Shell® will soothe your discomfort, improve the functioning of your digestive system, whilst removing toxins—giving you much needed relief.

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1 Session - £55 | 5 Sessions - £220

Cryotherapy has energising, anti-ageing, and healing properties. It’s an innovative technology developed to mimic the effects of extreme cold on your body’s regenerative systems.
This three-minute treatment stimulates your body’s natural protective responses, helping reduce inflammation and boost your cells' metabolic function. Immediate benefits include, a reduction in cellulite, decreased fatigue, weight loss, reduced joint and muscle pain, and radiant skin.

Lipofirm Pro Body Treatments

From £85 - 30 mins per area

Lipofirm Pro technology uniquely combines two technologies - TriLipo Radiofrequency (RF) and TriLipo Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA). Working simultaneously using a single applicator, they create a synergistic effect that delivers non-invasive fat removal and lymphatic drainage.

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Colon Hydrotherapy

50 mins - £90

The perfect therapy for cleansing old toxins and wastes, that cause lethargy. It provides you with a starting point for healthy eating and living.  

Shown to be effective for IBS symptoms, constipation, and a sluggish digestion. This treatment is painless, odourless and your modesty is protected throughout.