Spa Treatments


Tension Tamer Back Massage

Relieve stress, tension, and be revived with this holistic heaven, working on your back, neck, and shoulders.

25 mins £45.00

Full Body Swedish Massage

You decide where we work. This is a bespoke massage, focusing on your personal areas of tension—be it headaches, lower back pain, achy legs or overworked shoulders. 

55 mins £75.00
lava shell back massage

Lava Shell® Back Massage

A 25-minute treatment, working the lava shell warmth into high tension areas—your back, neck, and shoulders—leaving you feeling destressed and balanced.

25 mins £55.00
lava shell full body

Lava Shell® Full Body Massage

This indulgent and truly pampering massage offers an idyllic treatment combining the warmth of the Lava Shells with deeply relaxing massage techniques, creating a sense of balance to the entire body and mind. 

55 mins £95.00
85 mins £110.00

Lava Shell® Tummy Treatment

This natural colonic treatment is ideal if you’re suffering from IBS and bloating (or even if you're not). The warmth of the Lava Shell® will soothe your discomfort, improve the functioning of your digestive system, whilst removing toxins—giving you much needed relief.

25 mins £55.00
deluxe hydrotherm

Deluxe Hydrotherm Full Body Massage

The ultimate way to relax and recharge. Experience our unique Hydrotherm massage; you’ll simply lie down and sink in, letting our cosy cushions filled with warm water envelop you while our specially-trained Hydrotherm therapist flows seamlessly from one sumptuous stroke to the next. 

55 mins £98.00
85 mins £120.00