Transformative Wellness at the Glass House

The Glass House is known for its exceptional spa facilities but also for our holistic approach to wellness, led by Michael Adu, our in-house, wellness expert. When staying at the Retreat, the benefits of the latest spa experiences are combined with bespoke fitness programmes, mindfulness and meditation classes, ensuring both peak physical and mental wellbeing of our guests.

Our "Listening Room" is a new free service, provided by qualified counsellor, Katie, for guests to sit and chat for 30 minutes about any challenges they are experiencing. This can lead to a full counselling session, if required. Our experience tells us, overall wellness often starts with mental well being.

We also have a new programme of yoga and Barre (similar to Pilates) with new instructors, Rhianna and Anastasia, offering both spiritual and more active yoga workouts as part of our outside Wellness Dome sessions. Complementing the Dome in our outdoor wellness area is our natural swimming pool, providing cold water therapy, if you are brave enough!

Wellness Dome Classes

In our custom-made Wellness Dome, guests can benefit from the healing power of being in the outdoors, in the comfort of a geodesic dome.

We offer midday mindfulness classes in the Dome each day, taking guests through a mindfulness meditation before lunch. We offer a series of interactive workshops that guests can attend as follows:

  • Self-Care Yoga (a self-massage yoga class run by Anastasia)
  • Intro to Ayurveda (run by Rhianna)
  • Sleep and Relaxation (starting in July and run by Michael)
  • Intro to Chakras (run by Rhianna)
  • Preventative Health workshop (Run by Michael)

In addition to this, we have a new evening entertainment schedule:

  • Stretch & Detox Yoga in the studio
  • Hypnosis & Relaxation in the studio
  • Yin Yoga in the studio
  • Aromatherapy in the lounge
  • Mantra Meditation in the studio
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Natural Swimming Pond

Our natural swimming pond complements our beautiful surroundings and nature's playground perfectly. The pond water is cleaned naturally, without the need for harmful chemicals, so it's soft on your skin, and kinder for wildlife. Experience a wild swim as though in a freshwater river or lake, but without the muddy feet.

Both refreshing for an idle dip on a summer's day, and invigorating in cooler weather. The pond will certainly give you a dose of feel-good endorphins that will long outlast your swim. Afterwards, stretch out on a nearby sun lounger or unwind in the wood-fired sauna.

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Wellness with Glass House Alternative Therapies

Not long ago in the alcoves of human history, the thought of a surgeon completing open heart or brain surgery was fantastical. The same can be said for the array of pills now available. There’s a pill for everything, or so it feels. All we must do is visit our GP for a few minutes, get our appraisal, and walk away with a blister pack. Job done. Or is it?...

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Discover a healthier you

Our outdoor wellness space is nurturing and inspiring - somewhere to relax and tune into your body, or work on personal growth.

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