Plant-Based Pioneer Miguel Gouveia

Our chef, Miguel Gouveia, has been passionate about food since his childhood on the Atlantic island of Madeira.

Most chefs end up on a path of indulgence, a world away from nutrition and wellbeing.

Miguel is different. He’s at the forefront of a healthy living revolution and an expert in plant-based diets.  

For generations society has been eating processed foods, full of salt, sugar, and fat. 

But people are waking up. The health fallout of poor diets cannot be denied.

Miguel has been on a mission to help people lead healthier lives, after graduating from a top cuisine school in California. Now, at the Glass House, you can learn from him.

Daily we receive a delivery of fresh local produce— our first choice is organic too. From this, Miguel and his team will create for you, exciting, nutritious, calorie-controlled plant-based meals.

It’s your kickstart to a healthy diet and lifestyle, which you can take beyond the Glass House.

Join the health revolution