Things to do

Things to do in Essex

Glass House offers an all-inclusive holistic wellness experience, with a wide variety of fitness classes, mindfulness sessions and a range of state-of-the-art facilities available to all our spa guests.

However, should you wish to venture further afield, there are plenty of things to do in Essex near our retreat. Whether you're looking for the perfect cycle path to explore with our complimentary bike hire, a walking route for a mindful morning wander or a thrilling activity for an adrenaline-filled afternoon, explore our range of things to do in Essex below.  

BW Hangloose (4)

Hangloose Adventure Bluewater

Your adventure starts here! Less than half an hour's drive from the retreat awaits the Hangloose Adventure Bluewater.

This adventure-filled activity homes England's longest zipline and Europe's largest swing, as well as plenty of other pulse-raising activities, including the UK's only outdoor skydiving wind tunnel. 

Hangloose Adventure is one of the best things to do near Essex, residing in Kent, a short drive from the retreat. Spend the day re-kindling childhood nostalgia for adventure and share in an exciting day with family or friends before heading back to the comfort and tranquillity of our plant-based retreat for some well-deserved relaxation. 

Woodland walk

Langdon Hills Country Park

With all the things to do in Essex, a relaxing walk surrounded by nature is truly a wonderful experience. Langdon Hills Country Park offers 400 acres of ancient woodlands dating back to prehistoric times, flower-rich grassland meadows and areas of dense scrubland, as well as panoramic views over the Thames Estuary and across to London.

The park has been awarded the Green Flag Award, the national standard for parks and green spaces since 2010. It is the perfect outdoor space to relax and soak in your stunning surroundings. 

Langon Hills Country Park is a 14 minute drive from the retreat. 


Warley Place Nature Reserve

Maintained as a nature reserve by Essex Wildlife Trust, Warley Place Nature Reserve offers a calming escape as one of the best things to do in Essex.

Breathe in the fresh air and admire the reserve's range of beautiful wildflowers, which are especially breathtaking during Spring. From snowdrops to daffodils and crocuses to bluebells, the abundance of wildlife is a spectacular sight to see.

Spot a wide variety of birds, butterflies and invertebrates as you explore this 25 acre reserve, which was once a famous Edwardian garden. Areas have also been adapted as very suitable bat habitats.

Warley Place Nature Reserve is a 12 minute drive from Glass House.