Spring is the Time to Breathe

Smell the flowers, feel the sunshine on your face, inhale the fresh crisp air of the new season. Shake off the damp coldness of Winter. Spring is the time to breathe deep. After everything you've been through, now is the time to focus on immersive relaxation and mindfulness to help your body and mind rejuvenate. Take better care of yourself, proactively. View our Time to Breathe package below, top tips from our wellness expert, Michael, to better deal with stress, and five relaxing Spa Treatments to help you breathe easily and relax fully.

Time to Breathe package

Immersive rest & relaxing wellness break at the Glass House Retreat

Put stress on pause. Life is simpler when the tension has melted. Our Time to Breathe wellness break is a pause button for your busy life—a moment just for you—to focus on your physical and mental wellness. After everything you've been through.

What will I get?

  • Mindful Yoga
  • Guided Relaxation
  • Mental wellbeing sessions in ''The Dome''
  • Cryotherapy (Reduces Stress and Anxiety)
  • Guided hypnoses & Relaxtion Workshop (Tuesday nights)
  • Breathing Workshop (Monday nights)
  • Use of Relaxing Spa, pool, steam and sauna
  • Use of outdoor natural swimming pond & barrel sauna
  • All meals are included, from dinner on your day of arrival, through to breakfast on your day of departure.
  • Giving you the choice of any of our three interchangeable dietary plans (click here to view menus)
  • Complimentary Glass House water bottle & bag
  • Spa & wellness voucher

Stay for two nights from £238 per person, per night for double occupancy Superior Room with other room options available. Stays available up to 21 nights with increased inclusive benefits the longer you stay.

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Breathe Deep at the Glass House

If you're desparate to get away from it all, simply click straight through to book your Time to Breathe break at the Glass House now.

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Breathe to Relieve

Stress is something we all experience and it can be a positive thing. Without stress, we can't become more resilient. But we need to experience the right stress at the right time. Here's our Wellness expert, Michael's top stress-busting tips:

  • A change in environment has the power the shift your perspective. Sometimes, we remain in the same stressful environment, for example, in our homes more than usual. Spend time in nature to bring a sense calm and visually connect with something new.
  • Shock yourself into calmness. Experiencing the same stress everyday builds a biological routine where your body automates an internal stress response. A great way to break this pattern is to do something new and immediate such as cold therapy. After spending time in the cold, the goal of directing your mind to calm is more attainable.
  • Whether we are experiencing an event in real life or our mind, our body goes through the same response. Whether you are lying on a beach or not, if you believe you are there, our body will response like you are. Hypnosis can quieten the conscious mind, allowing the subconscious to activate. Our Tuesday night hypnotherapy session helps you create the feeling of relaxation when your mind travels to another destination.
  • Exhale to calm. When we inhale our heart rate increases. When we exhale, our heart rate decreases. By focusing on our breathing and how we breathe, we can change our heart rate. Stress can cause our heart rate to rise so we can use breathing to decrease our stress levels and become more calm.

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Top Five Relaxing Spa Treatments

Deep tissue massages, facials, nourishing wraps, cleansing scrubs, and full-body mineral boosts. At the Glass House, it’s about you totally relaxing, and replenishing your skin’s natural hydration and radiance. Mel our spa manager recommends her top five relaxing spa treatments:

  • Lava Shell Massage – the heated treatment relaxes the body and mind
  • Hydrotherm Massage – uses a heated water bed, relaxing all muscles from head to toe
  • Superfood Elemis facial – combines hand and arm massage, scalp massage and face, shoulder and decollate whilst treating the skin
  • Glass House Heaven Signature Spa Treatment – includes full body Swedish on a water bed and superfood facial
  • Hot Mineral Body Boost – a moisturising treatment gliding and layering moisturising products for beautiful skin and a relaxed mind

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