Redefining Detox

Whether you've seen it in a hashtag while scrolling through Instagram, reading an article on the latest fad diet, heard it in an ad for sober October or maybe even used it yourself when describing your clean eating intentions, the word detox is thrown around a lot these days.

There are so many reasons why you might be hearing or using the word, however, it's no secret that it has snowballed in the last few years, with its original meaning becoming skewed and associated with unhealthy eating habits, toxic mindsets and the promotion of dangerous diet products.

We're here to change that.

Let's redefine detox. 

Why are we redefining detox?

As a leading detox and wellness retreat, we're all about positive mindsets, wellbeing journeys and personal growth. We know what it means to take those all-important steps towards better mental and physical health. Despite what social media tells us, there isn't a detox pill or fad diet that can replace the amazing benefits of sustained holistic wellness. 

So why are we still using the word detox?

Taking it back to its core, detox is about removing unhealthy habits and influences from our lives. Drinking, work, social media, overconsumption and relationships are all examples of things we may feel we need a detox from, whether in the short term or longer. 

While we're detoxing from these negative habits, we can add positive influences to our lives through healthy eating, exercise, mindfulness and self-care. All the things your body and mind need to thrive and flourish. 

Join us in January as we introduce you to detox, redefined. 

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January at Glass House

Each week in January, we'll be focusing on a specific health benefit of redefining detox. Across the retreat, expect classes, cooking demonstrations, treatment offers, wellness insights and more. So whether you're detoxing digitally, mentally or physically, you'll feel supported, relaxed and recharged throughout your Glass House Retreat stay and beyond. 

Week 1: Immunity Boost 

Week 2: Healthy Heart 

Week 3: Good Gut

Week 4: Energy Boost

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