23rd June - 27th June

The Menopause Retreat

Welcome to the Menopause Retreat UK at The Glass House. We’ve designed a four-night stay package to support and empower women through this transformative stage of life. Join us nestled in the Essex countryside, where our retreat offers a tranquil haven to reconnect with yourself and find solace during your menopausal journey. 

Throughout your stay, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a variety of rejuvenating wellness sessions tailored specifically for menopausal women. From gentle yoga flows and meditation sessions to therapeutic massages; each experience is designed to promote physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

Our team of experienced wellness experts are here to guide and support you every step of the way. Whether you’re seeking relief from menopausal symptoms, exploring natural remedies or simply seeking guidance on embracing this new chapter of life, our compassionate staff are dedicated to helping you feel empowered and inspired. 


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In addition to our incredible wellness and spa offerings, the Menopause Retreat also provides opportunities for meaningful connections with like-minded women. Engage in heart-to-heart conversations, share stories and insights, and forge lifelong friendships with fellow travellers on the Menopause Retreat.

Nourish your body with our delicious vegan, plant-based meals crafted with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Our talented chefs create nutritious menus designed to support hormonal balance and overall health, ensuring that every bite delights the senses and nourishes the soul.

Whether you’re seeking respite from menopausal symptoms, seeking guidance on navigating this journey or simply craving space to recharge and rejuvenate, our Menopause Retreat offers a sanctuary where you can find healing, renewal and empowerment.

Call to book - 01708 983590


Forecasted Schedule

Day One - Sunday

  • Check-in 
  • Welcome Consultation
  • Class – Sleep Workshop


Day Two - Monday

  • Food Intolerance Testing with vitamin and mineral deficiency. 
  • Treatment – Stem Cell Facial
  • Evening Talk with Guest Speaker Gok Belindir


Day Three – Tuesday

  • Class – Mental Health Workshop
  • Treatment – Sensory Sleep Massage 
  • Class – Yoga Sound Bath
Woman working out on strength and conditioning

Forecasted Schedule

Day Four – Wednesday

  • Class – Pilates
  • Treatment – Pelvio Chair
  • Class – Extended Meditation


Day Five – Thursday

  • End of stay analysis
  • Check-out (Freetime)


Call to book - 01708 983590

The Menopause Retreat includes:

4-night stay

Use of all spa facilities

Three inclusive spa treatments; Sensory Sleep Full Body Massage (55 minutes), Bespoke Stem Cell Facial (55 minutes), Pelvio Chair (30 minutes) – NEW breakthrough pelvic floor treatment to greatly improve quality of life. High-Intensity Focused Electro-magnetic (HIFEM) technology to deeply engage pelvic muscles and promote pelvic health. 

Food intolerance testing with vitamin and mineral deficiency allows you to uncover any potential food sensitivities or intolerances that may be exacerbating menopausal symptoms and develop personalized dietary plans tailored to your needs.

Access to bespoke wellness sessions designed for menopausal women such as; sleep workshop, yoga, Pilates and meditation

Hormone Harmony – Menopause Workshop with external speaker Gok Belindir to explore the positive impacts lifestyle choices have on preparing for menopause and thriving through and after menopause.

Three vegan meals a day from dinner on the day of arrival to breakfast on the day of departure

Complimentary Glass House Retreat bag and reusable water bottle

Variety of complimentary organic herbal teas

Mobile phone safe for a complete digital detox (only if you want to)


Prices & book now

Join us on the 23rd June 2024 for our 4 night Menopause Retreat UK.

Superior Room

  • £1745 single occupancy (inclusions worth £1925)
  • £2805 double occupancy (inclusions worth £3165)

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