Veganism May Become Standard

Right now, we’re living through an era of change. Where once we felt stable in our future, our consumer lifestyles, propped up by unrenewable energy, have started altering our planet’s climate. Whilst we’ve known about global warming for a long time – the impacts of it have only become mainstream in recent years.

In fact, for many, it was the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s decree in 2018 that woke them up. Studies have shown, we have 12 (now 10) years to save ourselves from an uninhabitable future planet due to climate change caused by global warming. The new goal of humanity is limiting the global temperature to no more than 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels.


Change for climate, change for us

None of us enjoy being told our future isn’t looking as bright due to climate change. Especially when world governments have yet to act decisively in combatting it. However, we needn’t wait for politicians to get going to make some changes. We have autonomy over our choices and can jump the gun. Many of us were raised thinking our lifestyles didn’t matter and that the planet’s health was eternal. Though coming to terms with reality is not easy. We can end up resenting past generations for their inactivity and having lived without consumptive boundaries.

However, feeling bitter about climate change gets us nowhere. It just makes us miserable. When, introducing some environmentally friendly changes to the way we live, should be a positive thing. One of the most effective choices we can make concerns our diet. According to the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organisation, the meat and dairy industry accounts for 14.5% of global green house gas emissions. Clearly the mitigating effect of not eating meat and dairy is significant. We all just need to band together.

Luckily, plant based, and vegan food was never so readily available in the delicious array it is now. Which means switching isn’t a compromise on flavour, variety, or nutrition. This is great, because before too long we may not have a choice but to eat less meat and dairy – as the mainstream is accepting this is a logical way forward in fighting climate change.


Veganism is environmental

The main greenhouse gas emissions from the meat and dairy industries come from the energy used in creating livestock feed and animals producing methane. On top of this our global demand for animal products is vast, and we want them cheap. This has given rise to ever more intensive, and ethically compromised farming methods. The truth is we expect to be able to eat meat and dairy every day of the week. With expanding populations, it’s not possible to deliver this in an environmentally sustainable, nor morally justifiable way. Therefore it’s on us to do the right thing.

By choosing to eat less meat and dairy or converting to a vegan (or plant-based) diet we’re reducing consumer pressure. This could, for starters, allow the meat and dairy industries to think about more ethical and environmental methods of production. Plus, it would significantly reduce our carbon footprint as nations. A no brainer.


Veganism is healthy

Besides the obvious benefits to our environment and animal welfare, choosing a vegan or plant-based diet might be the healthier option in life. It’s not just a rejection of the mass consumption of animal products, but poor-quality processed junk food too. This type of sugar laden, fat-heavy, nutrition void type of food is pervasive in society. Think biscuits, chocolate, pies, sausage rolls, cereals, ready meals etc. Food that looks tasty, but has little nutritional value, and addictive levels of sugar and salt. It’s thought these products are a key contributor to heart disease, obesity, depression, and anxiety.

We all eat processed food. It’s unavoidable in life. The problem comes when we rely on its convenience and don’t critique what we put in our bodies. The answer may be switching to a vegan or plant-based diet. This promotes learning about nutrition, varying our food groups, and generally paying close attention to what we’re dining on – food enlightenment. It’s not simply about avoiding eating meat or dairy. It’s about giving your body the wholesomeness it craves.

The health benefits of vegan and plant-based diets are numerous, including improved digestion, clearer skin, and heightened energy levels.

Understandably, it’s not easy knowing where to start when it comes to changing your dietary lifestyle. Not to worry. That’s why we exist. At the Glass House, we’re more than an ordinary retreat for spa treatments and relaxation. We’re passionately committed to helping educate you on all the factors which may impact your wellness. This includes food.

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Vegan Food at The Glass House