The Glass House’s Restorative Christmas Gift Guide

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your Christmas gift to a loved one could avoid the trap of expendable consumerism? If instead of a gadget that keeps them tethered to a stressful world, you could give an experience that helps them relax, recharge and reconnect with things that really matter? A gift of wellness, health, transformation and positive change. Well, the positive news is that Glass House spa gift vouchers excel at enabling all these things.

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Giving the Gift of Wellness

It’s ironic. Each year we get gifts of everything from chocolate and alcohol to technology. And - although they’re meant kindly - just eight days later, we resolve to reject them. But instead of gifting guilt, we can actually give vouchers that help loved ones make positive transformations. That help them focus on their health and wellbeing - help them be kinder to themselves. Help then experience such a fresh sense of wellness that it can prompt lasting change. These are gifts that really show someone you have their best interests, or they have yours, at heart.


Gift Voucher Spa Experiences

The Glass House’s range of Gift Vouchers enables you to do all these things. To give the gift of experiences, not things. It might be a voucher to put towards a spa treatment - they start at as little as £10. It could be a restorative or relaxing Spa Day for a loved one - or be kind to yourself as well and go as a couple or a pair. Or you could give anything from an overnight stay to retreats lasting for two days or as long as three weeks. The Glass House also has 40 Black Friday vouchers giving you up to 20% off.

Spa Experiences

Glass House gift vouchers open up spa experiences in our boutique, purpose built detox and wellness retreat. Loved ones and friends can unwind in our luxury pool, sauna and steam room, recharge in our Cryo Chamber and work out in the gym and plunge in our natural swimming pond. Treatments span everything from reiki and reflexology to our out of this world, 120 minute Heaven Signature Treatment. A blissful gift.

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Overnight Stays

The Glass House is one of Britain’s best wellness retreats. It’s with easy reach of central London - less than hour away, but is surrounded by peaceful Essex countryside. So a voucher for a stay here can really have a positive effect on your friend or loved one’s health and wellbeing. Our one night spa breaks can be tailored for individuals, couples or friends. Two night stays help people really rest, relax, detox and reconnect, either by themselves or with loved ones. Our three week stays are an opportunity to have a truly transformative wellness experience - making them an exceptional gift


Cleansing Plant-Based Detox

Glass House overnight stays lasting two nights and more include low-cholesterol, plant-based meals that detox and revive. Featuring seasonal fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains, rich in vitamins and minerals, the dishes are natural and clean. And with daily cooking demonstrations from our chefs, they open the door to the recipient of your gift voucher being able to enjoy lasting change.

Elemis Spa Treatments & Products

The spa treatments at the Glass House are by luxury skin care brand, Elemis, which produces some of the best and most diverse products of their kind in the world. So your gift voucher might provide anything from deep tissues massages using transportive aromatic oils, to a Thousand Flower Detox Wrap and a Lime & Ginger Cleansing Salt Scrub. Meaning your loved one can experience wellness, relaxation and restoration - and a great deal of indulgence too.

Give the Gift of Wellness