The Benefits of Exercising in Nature

Love it or loath it, we all know exercise is good for us. And after we’ve caught our breath, jumped in the shower and soothed aching muscles, there’s no denying we always feel that little bit better after raising our heartbeat and working up a sweat.

These feelings aren’t just a coincidence. There are plenty of scientific reasons that prove exercise boosts our mood and makes us feel more awake and alert in the long run. And as we enter the warmer, longer and brighter Summer months, it's a great opportunity to get outdoors exercising in nature. 


Why should we be exercising in nature?

Any type of exercise is brilliant, no matter where you do it, and we’re all aware that we should be exercising. But did you know by simply taking your exercise outside can greatly benefit your health and wellbeing?

While most people may automatically think of the gym when it comes to exercise, you don’t always have to splash the cash to get the most from your exercise routine. Since Covid-19 forced all gyms to shut and all forms of exercise had to take place outside, the popularity of exercising in nature has grown – most likely because people have become aware of its vast range of benefits.

But lockdown is of course over, and gyms are open. However, for some, they can seem intimidating, pricey and just a little industrial. But if not the gym, then where? Take a walk around your local area. The perfect natural gym may be just outside your front door.


How can I exercise in nature?

Exercising in nature may seem strange if you’re new to it, and that’s understandable. The thought of people seeing you exercise in a public setting can seem quite intimidating at first. However, you don’t have to whip out your yoga mat or skipping rope in the middle of your public park straight away if you’re not comfortable with that.

How about going for a walk or a run? Join walking and running groups if you’re looking for safety in numbers. Perhaps a bike ride to feel the wind in your hair. Or, if you’re in a city, look to see if there’s a free outdoor gym in your local communal space. In the past few years they have been popping up all over the place to encourage free, accessible and fun health.

Once you’re more confident, taking that yoga mat or skipping rope to the park won’t seem as daunting.


What are the benefits of exercising in nature?

You may have guessed this already, but there are so many! Just by taking your regular indoor exercises into the great outdoors can do wonders for your mental wellbeing. Exercise itself can improve our self-esteem and encourage the release of happy hormones such as dopamine and serotonin, which reduce the risk of anxiety disorders and depression.

Exercising in nature also reduces stress, which we could probably all benefit from in our seemingly non-stop world.


Exercising in nature increases Vitamin D

Combine the benefits of exercising in nature with the benefits of Vitamin D and you’re providing your body with a whole host of goodness!

Often described as the 'sunshine vitamin', Vitamin D promotes healthy bones, boosts your immune system and reduces depression. Spending time soaking in the sun's rays is the best way to top up on Vitamin D, but always remember to stay safe in the sun and apply sunscreen (even when it's chilly or seems cloudy). 

The best months for that super boost of Vitamin D are between March and September when the UK weather is more on our side.


Social benefits

Working out doesn’t just have to be about getting physically fit. More than ever, we’re engaging in exercise to improve our mental wellbeing. One huge benefit of exercising in nature is the social side. You don’t have to worry about finding a gym buddy or conniving your friend to pay for a membership, anyone who wants to join you can.

There are a lot of groups for exercising in nature too. Whether that’s the pre-mentioned running or walking groups, boot camps in the park, outdoor yoga classes, going for a hike with a friend or even taking your four-legged companion for a walk (we’re sure your local gym wouldn’t want your dog joining you on the treadmill). You don’t have to go it alone when exercising in nature.


Getting started with The Glass House

Trying something new, no matter what it is, can be daunting. That’s why at The Glass House, we offer plenty of outdoor classes (when the weather is on our side) for all abilities that’ll help you build confidence with group exercising and exercising in nature.

Our seven acres of greenery, paired with the expertise of our instructors, makes the perfect introduction to exercising in nature. Already a pro? We can cater to all abilities to ensure everyone is at a level that suits them.

Join us for our daily morning walk (the best start to any day), yoga classes, cardio sessions and more. Then, come the evening, chill out on our field for Sunset Sorbet, a relaxing way to end the day with a sky full of colour complemented by delicious vegan sorbet.

Join us for a day, weekend, week or longer and fully embrace the benefits of exercising in nature, eating a plant-based diet, focusing on self-care and doing as much or as little as you please.