Breaking 5 Summer Spa Misconceptions

The weather is heating up. Air con is on full blast, every possible window is open, ice creams shoved in the freezer and the constant sound of “it’s too hot” rings around the house. Sound about right? As much as we complain, there truly is nothing quite like a Great British Summer.

And as July comes to an end, with August on the close horizon, most of us will be excited about spending some time relaxing in the sun or planning a getaway. Last minute holidays are great, but rarely stress free. Alongside choosing one destination out of hundreds and deciding which airline is least likely to lose your bags, there are flight cancellations, baggage fees and travel delays to navigate.  Not really that stress free holiday you were thinking of, right? 

Perhaps a Summer Spa is the getaway break you need (and deserve)? But wait, aren’t spas where people go to beat the winter blues? And aren’t they just for short stays?

There are a lot of misconceptions around Summer Spa breaks, so read on to find out why you might want to ignore them and try a relaxing spa break for yourself.


Spas are so overcrowded

Queuing for a sauna? Elbow to elbow with a stranger in the pool? You chose a Summer spa to get away from the crowds, not join them.

Maybe knowing that The Glass House Retreat only has a limited amount of rooms and spa day guest availability will ease your nightmares about waiting for a spare lounger to arise.

Once we’re fully booked, we’re fully booked, and as a purpose-built wellness retreat, we have enough space, facilities and sun lounges to ensure your Summer Spa is as peaceful as you imagined.

Dip into our natural outdoor pond, relax in our barrel sauna and then find your inner peace during our afternoon mindfulness session. That sounds more like it, doesn’t it?


All the facilities are too hot

When it’s already 20 plus degrees outside, the last thing you probably want to do is enter an even warmer spa facility. We understand this, and not only do we offer plenty of outdoor space for sun lounging and Summer spa relaxation, but we also have numerous facilities that’ll cool you down in no time.

One of our most popular and coldest treatments is our cryo chamber. Cryotherapy is a ground-breaking treatment taking the health and wellness world by storm. Made popular in mainstream wellness by Wim Hof, cold therapy subjects the body to extreme freezing temperatures to boost the immune system, energise the body, soothe muscles and relieve joint pain, just to name a few benefits.

If you’re not feeling cryotherapy, or want to give cold therapy a go outside of the cryo chamber, our natural swimming pond is the perfect cold water treatment that’s both refreshing and energising for your Summer spa stay.

Of course, we still have our warmer facilities, including our salt block sauna, steam room and heated indoor pool.


Spas can get boring

Once you’ve done a few lengths in the pool, spent ten minutes in the sauna and chilled on a lounger, how do you spend the rest of your day? When you choose a Summer spa break, the last thing you want to feel is bored.

During your stay at The Glass House, one thing you’ll never be is bored. As well as offering spa facilities, including our pool, swimming pond, sauna and steam room, as a wellness retreat, our facilities go above and beyond the offers of a stand-alone spa.

Throughout the day, we offer fitness classes for all abilities and levels. These include yoga, water aerobics, HIT, dance and cardio. No matter if you’re a complete beginner or a frequent fitness fanatic, we have expert coaches that will ensure you get the most from all our classes. If you want to work up a sweat solo, our fully equipped gym will have everything you need for a full workout.

Fitness classes sound too energetic for your Summer Spa break? You’ll love our mindfulness sessions held in our Dome. These are held daily and encourage full relaxation through mindfulness, meditation and breathwork.

Alongside our classes and mindfulness sessions, we offer daily walks, cooking classes and demonstrations, and a whole host of treatments that’ll pamper you from head to toe.


Spas are old fashioned

Much like hotels, there are many different types of spas. While many spas are built around the space and aesthetic of the hotel, our spa is a purpose-built wellness retreat. This means that from the ground up, The Glass House has all the best spa features, benefits and facilities in a calming setting that reflects our holistic wellness experience. Bliss. 

We’re proud to offer state-of-the-art facilities, expert treatments with high-quality products, and a tranquil space for you to relax, recharge and restore at a pace that suits you. 

Alongside all of this, we’re always looking out for ways to offer the utmost wellness experience to our retreat. This is why we update our classes frequently and as of August 2022, we will be offering our new aerial yoga classes in our brand new yoga studio. The perfect addition to your Summer spa stay. 


Spas are places you go with loads of friends

So you’ve found perfect Summer Spa, it has everything you want and need for a relaxing day, weekend or weeks getaway, but none of your friends are available

Luckily, gone are the days where you can only visit spas and retreats with your best friends. Self care starts from within, it can be a very personal journey. At The Glass House, we understand this, which is why we fully welcome solo travellers to the spa retreat.

Our lounge and shared spaces encourage guests to get to know each other. As we offer stays up to 21 days, we provide a friendly environment that offers a welcoming and positive space for guests to share their Summer spa journeys and experiences.

Our large, airy rooms also mean you can enjoy The Glass House with your group of friends, partner, parent or anyone you want to share a Summer spa or wellness journey with.


But I don’t know anything about spas or wellness

Our retreat is for everyone. Whether you know exactly what you want to gain from your retreat experience or are coming to the retreat without any pre-empted thoughts, we can guide you along the way, so you get the most from your Summer spa visit.

We understand that wellness means different things to different people, maybe it’s starting your Summer fitness journey, taking some time away from distractions with a digital detox or perhaps all you want is to relax with a Twist Tea by the pool.

Our wellness coaches are available to help you in any way they can, so you get the most from your Glass House Summer spa and wellness retreat. 

Did we also mention we are entirely plant-based, and all your meals are included? So however you spend your spa day, you know you’ll be fuelled by fresh, delicious, healthy vegan food – both sweet and savoury!


Try a Summer Spa for yourself

We can assure you a Summer Spa is the relaxing break you need. However, the only way you’ll know for sure is by trying it out for yourself.

Whether you come for a day spa, weekend break, week retreat or longer, you’ll quickly see how The Glass House Retreat busts Summer Spa misconceptions to create a relaxing, rejuvenating and restoring spa experience all year around.