Best Treatments for your Summer Spas

The longer, lighter, warmer days are the ideal time to indulge in a Summer spa. As our schedules get busier, the sun gets hotter and the beaches beckon, it’s the perfect opportunity to press pause, take timeout for wellness and focus on our physical & mental health. At the Glass House, we know how to ensure a Summer spa helps you do all three.


What is a Summer spa treatment?

Summer Spa treatments can cover a wide range of things, but they fall broadly into three categories

  1. Treatments and experiences that work particularly well in hotter months – things like ice globes or natural water pools
  2. Treatments that can be enjoyed year-round, but that work especially well as we enter the more hectic Summer months, when we spend more time outside
  3. Treatments that help you get ready to go on holiday – either at home or abroad.

Read on for the Glass House guide to all three.


Summer Spa Treatments – the hotter months

While you can still enjoy all your favourite spa treatments in Summer, the warmer days mean other experiences have an even stronger appeal. At the Glass House, we think some of the best Summer spa treatments include natural, alfresco water experiences and colder temperatures.


Outdoor swimming

Summer spa days are perfect for discovering the delights of outdoor swimming – arguably much more enjoyable in July than in January. A refreshing alfresco dip on a hot summer’s day really gets those feel-good endorphins flowing.

At the Glass House, the water in our natural swimming pond is even cleaned naturally, without the need for harmful chemicals, so it’s delightfully kind to your skin. You can even alternate cooling dips with stretching out in the warmth of the sun on a lounger, or by unwinding in our outdoor Finnish sauna.


Summer Spa Treatments – for busier outdoor times

Busy Summer days

Many of us adore Summer. Longer days, better weather and plenty of things to do. And while all that is fabulous, it also means we’re much, much busier than in the Winter months. The temptation with all those extra events and daylight hours is to rush around, trying to do everything.

This can mean that, as well as being busier in the Summer, we’re actually more stressed. We also might skip some of our usual fitness and wellness routines. As we’re often socialising more, we’re possibly not nourishing our body as kindly as we'd like.

This is where Summer spa treatments come in.

At the Glass House, we know how important it is to help you take the time to focus on your physical & mental health. And we know just how to create the perfect environment in which you can press pause on your hectic day-to-day life. Our concept of a holistic health and fitness retreat means we bring total mind and body wellness under one roof. A Summer spa weekend break with us sees you rediscover that healthier, fitter, calmer you.


Outdoor Summer days

In the Summer, our faces take a bit of a battering. We’re outdoors more, so we’re more exposed to the drying effects of wind and weather. All that extra sunshine sees us - rightly -  lathering on the sunscreen. And we add extra moisturiser to counteract the sun all of which tends to leave our faces feeling weathered, dehydrated and clogged up with creams.

This is why one of the best Summer spa treatments is a facial. One of the most popular at the Glass House is our Enzyme Signature Facelift. This gives all skin types a youthful boost. The peel brightens and hydrates, supports elasticity and leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated, firmer and younger.


Summer spa treatments - to get you holiday ready

Some Summer spa treatments are particularly good ahead of a holiday at home or overseas. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time on the beach, you might want to indulge in a detoxing treatment such as the Glass House’s Algae Detox Body Wrap. This full body exfoliation also delivers anti-cellulite therapy and stimulates drainage. Or opt for our Baobab Seed Exfoliation, which uses powerful superfood seeds to nourish and exfoliate the skin.

Then there’s the whole rage of waxing treatments to be ready for those swimsuits, and pedicures to ensure your toes look their best in your Summer sandals.


Why should I head to the Glass House for my Summer spa break?

The complete package

The Glass House is more than somewhere to have your Summer Spa. It is a complete detox and wellness retreat. Our purpose-built venue is less than an hour from Central London but is set amidst Essex fields. Our holistic approach combines stress-relieving activities, healthy and vegan meals, fitness classes, state-of-the-art gym facilities and a 5* Spa offering bespoke healing therapies and advanced skincare programmes. Add Mindfulness classes, plant-based cooking demos, a holistic studio and exquisite bedrooms and it’s the perfect place for your Summer Spa break.


Great deals

At the Glass House, we think Summer spa treatments are so important that we’re offering an extra night when you stay for 4 nights in July. Whether you use your extra day to power through your workouts in the gym, to try out aerial yoga, or experience a hydrating pre-holiday facial, it’s a brilliant deal.

We’re also offering 10% off all our one-night spa breaks in June and July.