Detox & Wellness Retreat UK

The Glass House is a purpose-built detox and wellness retreat—amongst Essex fields, less than an hour from Central London. Here you can reconnect with yourself: get fit, transform your diet, and discover a fresh sense of wellness.

Life is intense sometimes and taking a breather seems impossible. At The Glass House, it’s your time to de-stress—focusing only on your health and wellbeing.

With expert support, progressive fitness facilities and classes, cryotherapy, spa treatments, and our plant-based diets and juicing, you can make a positive change quickly.

The Glass House is faithful. No temptations or distractions, just you, some likeminded people, and peaceful countryside. Leave us guilt free and chilled out— but revitalised.

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Relax, Renew, Reset
Transformative Wellness at the Glass House

The Glass House is known for its exceptional spa facilities but also for our holistic approach to wellness. When staying at the Retreat, the benefits of the latest spa experiences are combined with bespoke fitness programmes, mindfulness and meditation classes, ensuring both peak physical and mental wellbeing of our guests.

Our "Listening Room" is a new free service, provided by qualified counsellor, Katie, for guests to sit and chat for 30 minutes about any challenges they are experiencing. We also have a new programme of yoga and Barre (similar to Pilates) offering both spiritual and more active yoga workouts as part of our outside wellness programme. At the Glass House whole body wellbeing is our priority.

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Relaxing or Stimulating Spa Treatments

The choice is yours! At the Glass House we offer a range of relaxing or stimulating spa treatments for whole body wellbeing. Our spa treatments, by luxury skincare brand Elemis, are expertly designed to restore what the everyday takes from you. All treatments are clinically proven, guided by science, and influenced by the rejuvenating qualities of nature.

Deep tissue massages, facials, nourishing wraps, cleansing scrubs, and full-body mineral boosts. At the Glass House, it’s about you totally relaxing, and replenishing your skin’s natural hydration and radiance.

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