Spa Treatments


Colon Hydrotherapy

The perfect therapy for cleansing old toxins and wastes, that cause lethargy. It provides you with a starting point for healthy eating and living.  Shown to be effective for IBS symptoms, constipation, and a sluggish digestion. This treatment is painless, odourless and your modesty is protected throughout.

60 mins £120.00


Cryotherapy has energising, anti-ageing, and healing properties. It’s an innovative technology developed to mimic the effects of extreme cold on your body’s regenerative systems.

Course of 5   - £195

Course of 10 - £350

15 mins £55.00
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Lipofirm Tummy Contour

This treatment is aimed to define the abdomen area by accelerating natural fat metabolism by creating instant inch loss to the area for circumference reduction whilst stimulating the muscles with dynamic muscle activation (DMA) for improved core strength. This contouring treatment will also promote natural collagen regeneration to skin tighten the loose skin on the abdomen area.

Course of 8 - £720

30 mins £100.00

Lipofirm Cellulite Eraser

Perfect for breaking down and eliminating cellulite, this rejuvenating treatment helps to smooth the skin, banish dimples, and leave you looking toned. During treatment, a hand piece is moved across the buttocks and/or legs, delivering energy which not only breaks down the fat but also tightens the skin. The Cellulite Eraser is a reliable and safe method of body rejuvenation that uses entirely non-surgical techniques to transform the way you feel about your body. 

Course of 8 - £720

30 mins £100.00

Lipofirm Buttock Lift

Ideal for those seeking a bum lift without surgery, The LP Buttock Lift is a popular non surgical way to lift, firm and tone the buttocks. During the treatment you will feel a warming sensation as the hand piece is moved across the area. Specific areas can be targeted and you can enjoy instant bum lift results as well as being confident the results will continue to improve over the treatment sessions.

This is a safe way to lift the butt and reduce cellulite without invasive techniques or cosmetic surgery.

Course of 8 - £720

30 mins £100.00


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