Spa Treatments


Baobab Seed Exfoliation

A luxurious exfoliation to nourish and protect the skin.Using the powerful superfood seed of the baobab fruit combined with a nourishing oil to gently exfoliate and hydrate the skin- our best-selling exfoliator for the body! Nourishing and softening.

25 mins £49.00


Reiki is a complementary therapy, and is largely seen as an oriental version of spiritual healing, based on the laying on of hands and the channelling of a form of energy, or a “spiritual energy”. 

45 mins £60.00


Reflexology is a therapy that treats the feet in order to balance the whole body. Its main principle is to massage and apply pressure to parts of the feet known as reflex areas. The feet and hands are like a mini map of the body’s anatomy.

45 mins £60.00
bespoke healing

Bespoke Healing

A bespoke combination of reiki, reflexology, tarot reading, mediumship and crystal healing. After consultation with your therapist, they will help to select the best treatments for you during your time with them. It's a great way to try out multiple holistic approaches combined.

60 mins £70.00
deep hydration baobab

Deep Hydration Baobab Ritual

Full body exfoliation and massage with scalp massage. Suitable after the 1st Trimester period of pregnancy. Using ethically sourced Baobab Seed oil, this African- inspired ritual promises an invigorating and stress- reducing experience

85 mins £110.00

Colon Hydrotherapy

The perfect therapy for cleansing old toxins and wastes, that cause lethargy. It provides you with a starting point for healthy eating and living.  Shown to be effective for IBS symptoms, constipation, and a sluggish digestion. This treatment is painless, odourless and your modesty is protected throughout.

60 mins £120.00