Spa Treatments


1-1 Listening Room

The Glass House Listening Room is a safe space for you to talk to a member of our wellness team about issues you may be experiencing.

Talking through issues that are weighing us down in a safe, non-judgmental space, can open us up to new experiences and opportunities, and there are plenty of those to enjoy at Glass House Retreat. 

35 mins £35.00
Woman holding a growing seed

Life Coaching

Feeling stuck in a rut? Need help setting or achieving goals? Just need a chat? Our trained life coaches are on hand to offer specialised life coaching to help set you on the right path to holistic wellbeing.

Our life coaching sessions are a safe space. We operate a non-judgmental service where you're free to be open and explore your thoughts and feelings. 

Course of 4 x 55 mins - £182

55 mins £60.00


Get to know your body inside out. Using bioelectrical impedance to Learn about your body composition. Important metrics like body fat, muscle mass, how hydrated you are, how many calories you need throughout the day and bone mass.

25 mins £35.00

Health M.O.T

Your car gets an MOT each year, and so should you! Find out what is going on under the hood. Full body analysis, measurements, and fitness test. The perfect way to get a real starting point or check up for your fitness/ weight loss/ health journey.


Session includes:

  • Tantia body analysis
  • Body measurements - chest, waist, hips, legs and arms
  • Blood pressure
  • Rockport walking test to assess your V02 max (lung capacity)
  • MOT certificate with results and any advisories
60 mins £45.00