Coronavirus update

Dear valued clients,

Following government guidance, it was with a heavy heart that Glass House Retreat temporarily closed our doors on Friday 20th March.

Over the next week, if not sooner, we will contact every customer that has a future booking with us. Please be assured your bookings are secured and will be honored.

Glass House Retreat will be here to welcome you once this has passed but for now are sending heartfelt well wishes to all.

Warmest wishes,
The Glass House Family


What are your cancellation policies?
The Glass House Retreat is now closed. If you wish to reschedule your visit we will allow you to move the date up to 23rd December 2020 (subject to availability & at our discretion) after which it can't be refunded or rescheduled. Please refer to clause 19 of our Terms and Conditions for further information regarding ‘force majeure’ events Terms & Conditions

Any cases of cancellation due to “Disinclination to travel” will be subject to our cancellation policies. Please view our full Terms and Conditions for details of our cancellation policies for the Retreat.

How can I protect myself from Coronavirus?
We advise you to follow all applicable travel and personal hygiene advice, including from Public Health England and the World Health Organisation:

  • Wash hands regularly with soap and water or a disinfectant, especially after coughing and sneezing, before handling and consuming food.
  • Use disposable tissues when coughing or sneezing and dispose of used tissues carefully and promptly
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Avoid close contact with people who appear unwell and avoid sharing personal items
  • Public Health England (PHE) recommends against using masks outside clinical settings. Should you decide to use a mask, you should ensure you continue to use all the recommended precautions in order to minimise the risk of transmission
  • Avoid unnecessary, unprotected contact with live animals and make sure you wash hands thoroughly after contact with an animal

How can I be kept up to date?
Please ensure we have up to date and accurate contact details for you so should we need to contact you about your booking we are able to.

Please call us on 01708 983590 if you have any further questions.