Visionary Retreat an Hour From Central London

Joy Jarvis, Glass House co-founder, is a lifelong devotee to vegetarianism—and a passionate advocate for healthy living.

Over the years she’s visited lots of retreats, around the UK and Europe. Whilst her experiences were inspiring, she felt there was room for improvement—many were a bit pushed for space and had limited facilities.

She knew it was time for something different and the answer was to build it.

Relax, Renew, Rebuild
UK’s First Purpose Built Detox & Wellness Retreat

The Glass House, in Essex, has been designed from scratch and built by industry experts from the ground up. It’s a visionary retreat, with an all-inclusive approach to detoxing and wellness.

It’s everything you need to start life again, positively transformed.

Think: Personal Wellbeing

We’ve developed a specialist programme, tailored to give you the fullest, most self-beneficial Glass House experience possible—but it’s not enforced. Simply recommended.

Your journey here, can be as intense or relaxed as you want it to be. There’s cutting edge fitness, detox, spa, and weight loss technology—giving you results, but it’s not a bootcamp.  

Here you’ll find—

· Fitness classes of all levels   

· Choices of different plant-based raw food diets

· Personal training options

· A mix of spa & wellness treatments